pest control for mice
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Pest Control For Mice

The presence of mice in your home can cause quite a bit of discomfort and the consequences can be deadly. One common cause of a mouse infestation is the presence of rats and roaches. While rodents can be a nuisance, mice can also present a serious health threat to humans. This is why pest control for mice is such an important decision.


One reason that rodents can pose a danger is that they will eat anything they can grab. They will gulp down anything they can get their hands on, including human tissue, plastic furniture, electrical cords and, of course, kitchen gas pipes droppings. While mice might not be able to eat through glass, they can chew through metal. And if you have food and water containers in your kitchen, that can mean that the mice have been getting what they need.

Getting Rid of Mice

There are a few different types of mouse traps available, but one of the most popular is called the bait bag system. Bait bags are filled with a tasty treat like mice food. Whenever a rodent wants to go down an entry point, they will pull out the bait. The traps then have a small hole or catch, where the mouse can dump whatever it wants into. Most mice exterminators use a combination of several bait bags on a single floor.

Another popular way to deal with mice is with a mouse auger. This is a kind of vacuum cleaner designed specifically for use with pest control for mice. These tools can also be used with other household items, like vacuum cleaners and furniture. The advantage to these is that the mice tend to stay away from them since they can be quite a bit smaller than regular vacuums and sweepers.

For some homeowners, mouse control is as simple as sticking a few boards across their doors and windows. Whenever the mice come near these, they will fall into the holes and be trapped. Some experts recommend that using sticky traps is more effective than bait. The mice will not want to live in that, so they will quickly leave. For this reason, sticky traps can be placed throughout the house.

Specialized Products

If the problem is a little more serious, there are plenty of products on the market that can help you get rid of mice infestation. For example, mice control tablets or powders can help you eliminate a wide variety of pesky pests. Many experts recommend that you use these when the mice have already built up a large population. However, you must make sure the ingredients in these products are safe to eat since they do often contain poisons.

pest control for mice

Finally, some exterminators recommend sprays for pest control for mice. These may be used every week to get rid of the most problematic mice. These can sometimes work quite well, but they can also have bad consequences if you have another pest problem in your home. Spraying is very indiscriminate and can cause problems with other animals and people in your home. Instead of using this method, look for products that are specifically designed to kill mice or even rats. You should also be sure that you read all instructions carefully before you spray the product on your mouse problem.


The easiest way to avoid mice invasions is to take preventative measures whenever possible. This means that you need to vacuum your house regularly, keep your pets clean and make sure they don’t chew on things that shouldn’t be chewed on, and always clean up after yourself. If you can, try to avoid letting multiple small animals inside at once. If you can’t avoid mice infestations, contact a pest control expert or an experienced exterminator to get rid of the mice. In most cases, the mice will not be able to resist their elimination, and you can move on to a new home.

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