Brownbanded Cockroach

Brown Banded CockroachDescription: Small, Pale brown colour with bands across the thorax (body) and abdomen.

Brownbanded cockroaches are relatively small and are generally found inside in random parts of a house, building, restaurants and so on but prefer higher cabinets. They can live up to 10 months with the female producing 13 egg cases with about 18 eggs in each and choose to hide their egg cases in or under furniture.

Brownbanded cockroaches love the warmer temperatures and does not need as much moisture as other cockroaches. They like to feed on almost anything they can see for survival. Their droppings are dark brown specs. They can also bring on asthma attacks due to allergens especially in children.

Prevention Measures

To best control or stop the Brownbanded cockroach, a few easy steps can be taken which include:

  • Cleaning any food scraps after eating.
  • Zip lock or put food into containers including flour, cereals, meats and so on.
  • Seal garbage tightly before and after use.
  • Fill any holes where they might be able to come in from.
  • Vacuuming shelves and cupboards can help as well by lowering food particle build up and harbouring areas.

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