House Mice

House MiceDescription: Small in size with dark grey fur when living inside and more of a yellow brown when living outdoors, tail as long as its body, large hairy ears,

Mice in general are very small which is to their advantage when trying to enter a home. They create burrows as well as nests inside or outside the house and rarely live in sewers. Within their life span of a year they can produce 6-10 litters, of about 5-6 mice, making them a serious problem very quickly. They like to eat from multiple areas which increases the likelihood of seeing them around the house compared to a rat which likes to gorge on only a few locations.

Life span: 1 year.

Prevention measures

To best control or stop the House mouse, a few easy steps can be taken which include:

  • Decrease the amount of food lying around.
  • Cleaning after every meal is essential.
  • Closing foods, and air locking them if needed.
  • Keeping the doors shut at all times.
  • Fixing holes in doors and windows.
  • Filling in holes where pipes lead through.
  • Buying guards for gutters.
  • Covering lower parts of doors with a metal plate.

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