Oriental Cockroach

Oriental CockroachDescription: Medium size, that are black and dark brown in colour.

Oriental cockroaches prefer the cooler weather found more often in the southern parts of Australia. They can be found in and around leaf litter, subfloors, drainage areas and rubbish bins.  They can live up to 2 years producing 16 eggs per casing with up to 14 egg cases being made in the life time of the females. Both the male and female are not capable of flight. The oriental cockroach feeds on decaying organic matter and has been known to eat books and wallpaper.

Prevention measures

To best control or stop the Oriental cockroach, a few easy steps can be taken which include:

  • Cleaning any food scraps after eating.
  • Zip lock or put food into containers including flour, cereals, meats and so on.
  • Wipe down benches after daily activities.
  • Lowering the amount of water they can come into contact with, by drying out containers and fixing any leaky pipes.
  • Seal garbage tightly before and after use.
  • Fill any holes where they might be able to come in from.
  • Vacuuming shelves and cupboards can help as well by lowering food particle build up.

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