PidgeonDescription: Grey with white under wings and two black stripes on the top of wings, pink to almost red feet and may have shinny green on its neck.

Pigeons are growing at a very fast rate in Australia especially because of how many commercial buildings are being built currently. They like to nest up high in ceilings or warehouses where it is safe with their nest being made from twigs.

They have 1 to 2 eggs in each clutch and can do this up to seven times in one year. Living conditions have become very beneficial for pigeons through the domestication factor of food scrapes left by people in and around many areas. Pigeons are hosts for other pests like bird mites which create all sorts of other problems as well. With the increase of pigeons comes the increase of excrement that is left everywhere wherever they go which can be very unsightly or a health hazard.

Life span: 3-5 years.

Prevention measures

To best control or stop the Pigeon, a few easy steps can be taken which include:

  • Close doors and roller doors frequently.
  • Avoid building a lot of ledges.
  • Build ledges on angles.
  • Fix holes in roofs immediately.
  • Removal of food sources available to them.

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