Roof Rat

Roof RatDescription: Medium in size, fur can come in black, brown and grey, Tail is longer than body, large ears.

Roof rats can climb up obstacles extremely well and do not burrow like the house mouse or Norway rat. They are often found living in roofs or high places and rarely found in sewers. Their food can consist of either meat or vegetables making them omnivorous. The intake of food they need to consume daily is around 2 to 15 grams and 22-15 mls of water a day. A few ways to tell if you have rats is to notice signs of an infestation. Some of these signs include, odours, dogs and cats get more excited than usual around the house, rub marks against skirting inside the house and so on.

Life span: 1 year.

Prevention measures

To best control or stop the Roof rat, a few easy steps can be taken which include:

  • Decrease the amount of food lying around.
  • Cleaning after every meal is essential.
  • Closing foods, and air locking them if needed.
  • Keeping the doors shut at all times.
  • Fixing holes in doors and windows.
  • Filling in holes where pipes lead through.
  • Buying guards for gutters.
  • Covering lower parts of doors with a metal plate.

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