Smoky Brown Cockroach

Smokey Brown CockroachDescription: Large in size, with a very dark brown colour all over.

Smoky brown cockroaches generally like to feed on plant based materials, so they can be found often in gardens and greenhouses. But they will still be found around bin areas, garages, roof voids and so on. They can live up to 2 years, producing around 26 eggs with a female making 20 egg cases in its life time. During the night, the Smoky browns are normally attracted to the light which makes choosing houses a suitable place to live once they have gotten inside. Their saliva fluid can potentially be very harmful in bacteria to human health.

Prevention measures

To best control or stop the Smoky brown cockroach, a few easy steps can be taken which include:

  • Cleaning any food scraps after eating.
  • Zip lock or put food into containers including flour, cereals, meats and so on.
  • Clean pet bowls regularly.
  • Clean garage.
  • Wipe down benches after daily activities.
  • Seal garbage tightly before and after use.
  • Fill any holes where they might be able to come in from.
  • Vacuuming shelves and cupboards can help as well by lowering food particle build up.

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