White Tail Spider

White Tail SpidersDescription: Small in size, they have a small cylinder type body with a grey to dark red body, has brown-orange legs and may have a white spot on the back of the abdomen.

The White tail spider are found normally under bark of trees and in houses. When they are inside they can be found in the bathroom or in folds of clothes or towels. They are active at night and look for other spiders to eat which is generally the black house spider. They also do not build webs. 

Life Span: 1 year. 

Toxicity: Toxic, Bites may cause pain and blistering.

Prevention measures

To best control or stop the White Tail spider, a few easy steps can be taken which include: 

  • Lowering moisture in areas outside the house.
  • Keeping the grass cut short.
  • Clean rubbish build up externally.
  • Be careful when cleaning up leaf litter.
  • Check folded clothes and towels.
  • Keep a keen eye out in the bathroom for them roaming.
  • Check and wear gloves working outside.
  • Wear shoes outside.

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