Industrial Pest Control

Integrated pest management solutions for your industrial premises

Warehouses, factories and manufacturing facilities can unfortunately be the ideal breeding ground for a host of disease carrying pests, including rodents, birds, cockroaches, and moths, to name just a few.

Failing to treat the issue promptly could threaten the health of your staff and customers and cause damage to your stock, equipment and property.

At De-Pest Masters Australia we bring extensive experience working in a range of industrial facilities to our customers ensuring we understand first hand, the unique types of pest-related issues affecting those environments.

We offer a safe, effective integrated pest management solution designed to rid your premises of rodents, vermin, termites and other pests.

We begin with a full property inspection to identify the source of your problem before providing you with a tailored pest management plan.

Once you agree to proceed with our service we will treat your facilities discretely and professionally, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

Why choose De-Pest Masters Australia to rid your industrial premises from pests?

  • Our technicians carry all necessary licenses and insurances and are trained in industrial pest management techniques.
  • All treatments comply with the necessary Australian standards, Codes of Practice and Workplace Health & Safety regulations.
  • We deliver industry and pest specific solutions – never a ‘one size fits all’ approach.
  • All treatments are safe, effective and backed by an ongoing pest management plan.
  • You will receive professional, personalised service.
  • We provide firm quotes.
  • All products and procedures have been rigorously tested and approved.
  • There will be minimal disruption to your business operations, staff and customers.

If you are experiencing or concerned about a pest infestation on your industrial premises contact us today.