Real Estate Pest Control

Protect your bond with an End of Lease pest control treatment from the experts you can trust

When a tenancy comes to an end, the last thing you need is to risk losing all or a portion of your bond.

Many rental agreements today include a clause that states the need for a general pest control treatment at the end of a lease. De-Pest Masters Australia provides a thorough and cost effective End of Least general pest control treatment. We also offer End of Lease flea treatments for tenants with pets (a legal requirement in NSW).

When conducting an End of Lease pest and/or flea treatment, our professional technicians will:

  • Target known pest species (including fleas where pets are involved) using baits and repellents.
  • Conduct safe and effective perimeter treatments inside and outside the property.
  • Focus on roof voids and sub floors, where pests and rodents are commonly found lurking.
  • Report all findings.
  • Issue the required certificate/s to hand to your property manager or landlord.

Don’t risk losing any of your rental bond. Contact us to book your End of Lease pest control treatment today.