School Pest Control

Safe effective pest management solutions for schools

Schools are known breeding grounds for a variety of common pests, including rats, mice, termites, birds, cockroaches, and silverfish because they offer an infinite supply of water, food and shelter – the ideal environment for pests to thrive. This can create a breeding ground for disease, which is the last thing you want in a school environment.

When it comes to pest control in schools not all pest management companies are the same. For starters, schools are considered sensitive sites because they accommodate children and teenagers, including those with allergies and asthma.

For this reason, it is vital that products used are not only effective in eradicating pests from the environment but are also 100% safe for use in sensitive areas.

At De-Pest Masters Australia our products are safe and effective for use in sensitive areas. Our highly experienced and professional technicians carry all the necessary licenses and insurances and adopt tailored and integrated pest management solutions to protect the safety of students and teachers, while delivering a sustainable long-term result.

Being local to Sydney’s south west we understand the breeding habits and behaviour of pests that inhabit our area as only locals can.

We also service schools throughout the greater Sydney metropolitan area and always conduct a thorough site inspection to identify the issue at hand before recommending the best treatment and management plan to control the problems.

Why choose De-Pest Masters Australia to rid your school from disease carrying and potentially damaging pests?

  • Pest prevention schoolsOur technicians carry all necessary licenses and insurances and are trained in pest management techniques for schools and sensitive sites.
  • All treatments comply with the necessary Australian standards, Codes of Practice and Workplace Health & Safety regulations.
  • We deliver suburb, seasonal and pest specific solutions – never a ‘one size fits all’ approach.
  • All treatments are safe, effective and backed by an ongoing pest management plan.
  • You will receive professional, personalised service.
  • We provide firm quotes.
  • All products and procedures have been rigorously tested and approved.
  • We conduct treatments outside school hours to avoid disruption for students and teachers and take all necessary precautions required for pest management in sensitive environments.

Contact us to speak to one of our friendly professional staff and arrange an obligation free assessment of your school today.